“My Granny’s Hanky”


“My Granny’s Hanky”

I wanted to create a piece dedicated to my Granny, Florence Erasmus. She was a well known beader in the North. For as long as I could remember she would be beading and sewing the most beautiful art. I never got to learn the tricks of the trade from her before she left us. This is my interpretation of a piece she beaded, and a letter to her.
Dear Granny,
Whenever I see your bead work , I feel your warmth, and I can picture you sitting at your table with your glasses on sewing and beading your next masterpiece. I miss your laugh and smile. I wish you could teach me how to sew and bead just like you. I wanted to create a piece dedicated to you Granny! I drew the flowers you beaded in the way I know how. I hope you like it!
Miss you and love you always,

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